Heated Headpiece
The headpiece is designed for the serious hunter or outdoor enthusiast to prevent them from becoming cold in the most extreme cold weather conditions.Headpiece is one the most versatile warming accessories.

The key ingredient to this product's anticipated success is the integrated design. The micro-fleece material is a soft/warm combination with a special two-layer fabric over the mouth area to trap moisture away from the skin. The stretchiness in the material and the elastic siding in front of the ears gives the hunter the ability to quickly and easily pull the Headpiece back over the head or around the neck. This feature allows the hunter to wear this in multiple positions

Face Mask

Covering up has a whole new meaning with Heat Factory's new Heated Face Mask. Hunters and cold weather enthusiasts can now keep their face warm with this partial headpiece that covers the ears and the face. Heat Factory, known for their air-activated warmers and accessories, designed and patented the fleece Face Mask and the Deluxe Face Mask for those who do not want to wear a full headpiece.

The warm fleece Face Mask has a small opening in the mouth and the nose, in addition to a velcro closure at the back of the neck for easy adjustment or removal. Heat Factory's patented secret pockets, located just below the ears, keep the ears warm with Heat Factory's warmers while allowing for good hearing. A warmer is a soft, lightweight pouch which, when exposed to the air begins to activate and generate it's own heat for up to 8 hours. The Deluxe Face Mask offers the same features, however, it is made from a wind and water resistant fleece that keeps the moisture away from the face.

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